CargoShipCarnivalSo I’ve been working on a series of paintings that I paint on those temporary signs that people post along the side of the road, in the median, on telephone poles, or stuck in the ground with these nifty little wires that eventually end up popping a tire. You know the ones, like “we Buy Houses” etc. This one was from a Carnival that came and left behind tons of these all over our neighborhood.



Pittsburgh is really growing on me. This is the Edgar Thomson Steel Works, opened in 1875. It’s just under 4 miles from my house. The other night I went out during the “supermoon” to see if I could get a pic of it. I actually missed any real great moon shot, but was starstruck when I caught a glimpse of steel production. Its funny, it really was like I had just spotted a celebrity when I noticed a small window where I could see all of this molten metal flowing as I walked around the outskirts. So cool. I stood there for quite some time. I wonder if they’re hiring?

Brain injury

tyler compThis is a sad story, no matter what. To read it, click  here.   I spend a few days with a wonderful family recently. This is Tyler. He suffers from anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and hypoxia due to cardiac arrest. Basically it’s brain damage that blocks the sections of the brain from communicating with one another. His father told me they are not sure how much he sees or hears. He has recently started to show slight emotion in the form of getting mad/crying at his dad during physical therapy session.   His parents are hopeful that Tyler will become more responsive with time. Being a new dad, I found myself watching Julian fall asleep for days after. Just can’t imagine what it must be like for the family. I hope Tyler progresses and has a good life, I will not forget meeting him.